Custom development

Whether it’s developing new plugins, importing user profiles for your staff directory, migrating legacy information or rewriting heaps of content; we love getting our hands dirty.

Theme and plugin development

Bespoke plugins, templates and widgets for your GovIntranet WordPress site. Examples include:

  • a tailored plugin to create court diaries for solicitors,
  • a staff magazine module allowing staff to publish monthly, media-rich editions,
  • templates for staff to praise and commend other staff,
  • custom reports and integrations with third-party plugins.

Content migration

We can help with manual and automated content migration. We have built bespoke data importers for legacy systems, migrating content to WordPress, with handy management templates for manual categorisation and tweaks.

We have a team of content publishers who can move, rewrite and tag content, experienced in WordPress and GovIntranet, and trained in accessibility and plain English writing skills.

Data imports

One-time scripts to import data into your WordPress site, and regular synchronisation routines to create and update site content, including social media and news feeds, user account profiles, documents and images.