Training and support

On-site training for our WordPress intranet CMS including administrator and publisher courses, writing for the web, accessibility and search engine optimisation.

We also provide WordPress developer workshops for beginners.

Govintranet publisher training

Govintranet administrators

Our course for intranet managers and administrators covers:

  • WordPress admin
  • Menus, settings and customisation
  • GovIntranet modules with detailed coverage of post types, taxonomies, templates, plugins and widgets
  • Third-party plugin settings and integrations

Govintranet publishers

Our course for intranet publishers covers:

  • WordPress basics including posts, pages, taxonomies and templates
  • GovIntranet modules with detailed coverage of features and functionality
  • Media library
  • Practical publishing exercises
  • Good practice content guidelines and housekeeping tips

Writing for the web training

 Writing for the web

Our course for online publishers and editors covers:

  • Psychology of users
  • Plain English
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Accessibility
  • Images and media

WordPress developer workshops


Two-day practical workshop:

  • Development environment setup and configuration
  • Theme development including templates, styles and functions
  • WordPress codex and developer resources

Skills builder

Two-day practical workshop:

  • Custom post types, taxonomies and fields
  • Action hooks and filters
  • Plugin development including widgets