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Ongoing support

Iterate and improve frequently.

At Agento, we don’t believe the project ends when a new intranet launches. For us, this is when the fun starts. Our clients use our support service for ongoing testing, training and development …

  • How it works

    Our clients take advantage of our retainer-based support service by opting for a number of pre-paid support hours per month. Support hours can be used towards:

    • General help and advice
    • Refresher training
    • Small tweaks and development
    • Third-party plugin setup and integrations
    • Regular usability testing

    Knowing how much support you have available helps with budgeting and avoids lengthy procurement processes. Our support hours roll over within a three month period. Unused hours early in the quarter can be used later in the quarter.

  • Typical support use

    Some clients look on their support hours as insurance; we’re there in case you need us. And our pre-paid rates represent around 50% savings on unscheduled, emergency support costs.

    Some clients save up their support hours during a quarter, perhaps to put towards training or a mini development project.

    Some use half their time for regular catchup calls, and the other half for working on outputs from the calls.

    It’s up to you.

  • What would you do if … ?

    An administrator deletes a user account, and unwittingly also deletes all the pages, images and documents that the user had created, including the intranet homepage.

    A plugin update causes the search engine to crash and staff can no longer use the search box.

    Your corporate email address is changing and you need to update all 3,000 of your staff profile accounts.